Patriot Foods is designed to clearly show the consumer where their produce is coming from

We give the consumer our U.S. only brand while the U.S. is in season

Patriot Foods, Inc offers fruit and vegetable marketing services to American-based farms. We work directly with major retailers to garner fair deals for both parties, ensuring farmers can share the fruits of their labor with more customers.

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American farmers are continually being pressured by imported produce. These imports are having an impact on the market price and making it harder for farmers to make ends meet. For example, look at how the imported volume of Blueberries have increased over the past 20 years. This is why Patriot Foods will always stand with the American Farmer!

Import Pressure on U.S. Blueberry Market

Chile is the #1 exporter or blueberries to the U.S. totaling 52.7% of imported berries

Argentina is up by 30%

Uruguay is up by 46%

Mexico is up 414% on exported blueberries to the US

By 2021 Peru is expected to be the largest exporter of blueberries to the U.S. Each year it increases its exports by over 50%

Based in Grand Haven, MI and serving the nation

While our produce marketing company operates out of Grand Haven, MI, our services are nationwide. If you need a marketer to get your produce into stores, reach out to our team that is dedicated to the service of our country's farmers and veterans.

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