The Backbone of Patriot Foods: Our American Farmers

At Patriot Foods, our gratitude towards American troops extends beyond words. We recognize the sacrifices made by our veterans and active military personnel to keep our country safe and free. Through our dedicated programs and donations, we aim to give back and support those who have given so much for us all.

Blue Harvest Farms

A Legacy of Blueberries

The Lalone family, founders of Patriot Foods, Inc., and proud owners of Blue Harvest Farms, have been at the forefront of blueberry farming since 1961. Their expertise in growing and packing has not only contributed to the quality of our products but also to the legacy of American blueberry farming. Blue Harvest Farms stands as a testament to family, tradition, and the pursuit of excellence in agriculture.

Reenders Blueberry Farm

Pioneers in Blueberry Production

Clarence and Angie Reenders, pivotal figures in Michigan's commercial blueberry industry, have expanded their operations from 30 acres in 1956 to one of the largest in the state. Their commitment to quality and innovation has not only contributed to Michigan being the #1 blueberry producing state but also to ensuring that Patriot Foods' blueberries are of the highest caliber.

The Ortega Family

Richard & Angelina Ortega

The Ortega Family is our latest family to receive our donation from our package sales. Richard and his family are also blueberry farmers in Fruitport, MI! We are COMMITTED to giving back to our American Heroes and making a difference in the communities we source our produce from.

Harper Berry Farms

Harper Berry Farms is a Family farm ran out of Rothbury Michigan. They have been in the blueberry business since 1988! They understand and have been faced with the struggles with imported fruit. Imported fruit is taking over this nations supply chain, Becuase of this many farmers are unable to sell and produce like they used to.

The Backbone of Patriot Foods: Our American Farmers

Buying from Patriot Foods is more than just a purchase—it's a commitment to supporting the backbone of America. Our partnership with American farmers ensures that every product we offer is a contribution to the local economy, sustainability, and the preservation of our agricultural heritage.

Supporting Together

Explore our range of products and join us in supporting American farmers with every purchase. Together, we can make a difference.

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