American Pride Pasta 14oz


Celebrate the spirit of America with our American Pride Pasta, designed to add a touch of patriotism to every meal! Crafted with care in Tennessee, each 14 oz bag features fun-shaped pasta that will delight both children and adults alike.

Our American Pride Pasta is more than just a delicious addition to your table—it's also Kosher Certified, All Natural, and Non-GMO, ensuring quality and integrity in every bite. Made with premium ingredients, including enriched durum wheat flour, tomato powder, and beet powder, this pasta offers a wholesome and flavorful dining experience.

Whether you're hosting a patriotic gathering, commemorating special occasions, or simply sharing a meal with loved ones, our American Pride Pasta is the perfect choice to serve with pride. Embrace the flavors of freedom and tradition with every serving of our American-made pasta!

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