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Donate Directly To Patriot Foods For Awareness And Educational Marketing!

All donations go directly to supporting our awareness and educational marketing to ring the alarm for our American Farmers! All proceeds will be used to supplement our advertising expenditure to inform the public about the problems the American Farmer are facing.

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100% of the proceeds from your donation will go directly to the program you select, subject only to transaction and transfer fees, costs, and taxes. Patriot Foods, Inc. is a for-profit corporation, NOT a 501(c)(3) charitable entity. Donations to Patriot Foods are NOT tax deductible. Patriot Foods does not have any sponsorship, approval, affiliation, endorsement or any formal connection with any charitable organization or government agency.

Michigan law, however, expressly prohibits Patriot Foods from diverting donations to purposes or organizations other than those selected by the contributor, representing that donations will be used for a specific charitable purpose if the donations are not actually used for that purpose, or exaggerating the percentage of a donation that will go towards a charitable organization.