Putting Farmers First

Every Purchase Results In A Direct Donation Made To a Military Family/ Veteran In Need

Every Purchase Keeps The American Farmer in Business And Working Hard!

Why Are We Dedicated To Our U.S. Farmers?

America was founded on the greatness of agriculture. Our U.S. farmers have a long history with this country and are known for growing the best fruits and vegetables in the world!
Our country's market was so strong, that foreign countries began producing commodities for our market that they had no market for in their own countries.
The Surge of imported Produce has caused prices to keep falling and making it increasingly difficult for American farmers to keep themselves in business!
Foreign countries are able to do this because they do not operate on the same playing field as American farmers. The cost of production for our U.S. farmers is higher because they do not compromise on:

  • Food Safety/ Inspections
  • Chemicals
  • Water Quality
  • Wages Paid to AG Workers

Additionally, there are documented instances of labor abuse and human trafficking in Central and South American countries. Some of these farms are also supported by drug and cartel money.
If we as a country cannot support our American farmers while they are in season, our national security is at risk as we will be completely dependent on foreign producers to feed ourselves.

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