Putting America First

For our soldiers, Patriot Foods is committed to the cause of our veterans and active military.  We proudly donate a portion of the revenue of each package you purchase to a military family in need.  Not a large group where the money is lost in the shuffle, but a family that might be your friends, or your neighbors who have sacrificed for their country.  Find out more how you can nominate a family here. 

Patriot Foods will ONLY sell American grown and packed produce.  Every time you pick up a package of Patriot Foods you can be assured that the contents inside were grown by our brothers and sisters in the fields of our homeland.  We understand the pressures that imported foods are putting on the American Farmer and the time is now to support them. Imagine an America where you didn't know where your food came from, or how it was produced. Patriot Foods stands with the American Farmer. No fine print on the label to find out where your food was grown.  Changing the country one purchase at a time.  Click here to find out about the farmers who grew your delicious fruits and vegetables!

American Farmers.  American Soldiers.  Without them the citizens of our great country could not go to sleep with their stomachs full, covered under a blanket of freedom.  At Patriot Foods we know the value of our incredible Farmers and Soldiers, and are committed to the cause of each.  Our great nation grows the best fruits and vegetables, Patriot Foods was designed to support our struggling farmers by being committed to standing with them.